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Evergreen Meats Inc

Website Design / Social Media Consultant / 2021

Evergreen Meats wanted to further increase their digital presence by offering a website that is easy to use and gives local customers all the online resources one would expect from a modern day business. They also wanted to increase their social media presence after starting a Facebook page, back in 2000, to further promote the local retail office.



6/3/21 - Ongoing


Website designer / Social Media Consultant




After reviewing several meat market, butcher, and wholesale food websites it was decided that the website would start out simple. The goal is to be able to maintain a website and manage social media platforms in-house but setup in a way that allows freelancers and professionals the ability to offer assistance as needed. Creating a professional online image was also important so we decided to create a custom domain name and add email in addition to the website. At this time online ordering would not be included but the solution should allow for that at a later date.


(Solution 01)

Web hosting and design.

After discussing the vision of creating a new website it was determined that using Wix as the primary web hosting service would be the best course of action. This also helped with the purchase of a custom domain name along with a custom email. Migrating over the new email would be a task later in the project.



Using their business cards, printer flyers and past Facebook posts we were able to come up with a design board. Clean and simple graphics. More of an "old school" meat market feel.

Website Font:

Nimbus Sans


#405E47 aka Hunter Green aka RGB (64,94,71)


  • Home Page

  • About Page

  • Find Us Page

  • Commercial Page




(Solution 02)

Increased social media presence.

The Facebook page was a great start but adding Instagram would take Evergreen Meats to the next level. Research into market specific hashtags and search results helped create a basic template for future social media posts.

Set goals:

  • Post often, at least 2-3 times a week.

  • Use hashtags

  • Follow local business partners.

    • Share and like

  • Create an email campaign for business partners.

    • Ask business partners to use #evergreenmeats when possible.​

  • Create a stock photo digital folder.

  • Post on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.










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