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The Tides are Changing ...

Everything in life ebbs and flows and Ocean Ink is about to experience a King Tide. We will be moving to a new home soon!

I know that it has been a long time, too long, since there was an update to the site and this may not be what most of you were expecting. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of you that still visit Ocean Ink from time to time ... my imagination takes me to a place where I see all different types of ships returning to a friendly, familiar port to get out of the crazy storm that is 2020.

This hobby, turned into an online store, is something I am still very passionate about but alas, it is a hobby and my family comes first. As Ocean Ink settles into a new port of it's own, I have put a pause on the Etsy Store for now. I hope to reopen as soon as the tides have settled. When the waters finally calm down, in couple of months from now, I hope to have the store back up to ship-shape and who knows, maybe a new item or two may wash ashore ...

If you are following me on Instagram there is a good chance that a new image or two may bubble up from the depths now and again.

Stay safe and stay healthy ... see you during the next "stand of the tide"


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