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Time for a new blog ...

Since I have a little downtime, as I wait for the boiled linseed oil to dry, I thought I would take this time to give everyone an update. This year is already moving way to fast but I feel like it's moving in a good way. I added some new images in the gallery and the Etsy shop is doing great, check it out if you haven't recently. Ocean Ink jewelry makes it easy to send as a gift to friends, family or strangers ... I don't judge.

We booked our first event, look for Ocean Ink at the Joyce Daze Wild Blackberry Festival. Stop by and say hello and check out our event exclusive prices. I am attempting to make a wooden necklace display, check out The Baskins Sawmill for a wonderful collection of raw wooden goods (hence the linseed oil).

Here's a visual "taste"of what's going on ... one of my little Inklets started playing baseball this year, my other Inklet almost has her driver's license, spring is in full force and the views around here never disappoint.

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